The TacFusion, a high-performance handheld binocular built for professionals in law enforcement, surveillance, and search and rescue operations. This advanced equipment features three-channel mode of observations namely Visible, Thermal and Fusion dedicated for critical night and day operations. With its intuitive control, the TacFusion ensures the users to operate it seamlessly through its advanced features, ensuring swift and precise adjustments in the field. The TacFusion excels in versatility offering the users an indispensable equipment featured by unmatched performance, durability, and innovative imaging technologies.

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Thermal, Visible and Fusion channels
Remote control over mobile app
Full connection (WiFi, HotSpot)
Military grade (water and vibration proof)


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Technical Information

Visible channel
  • Low light CMOS sensor
  • HD format 1280x1024 @25fps
  • Daylight to starlight observation, sensitive up to 2 mlx
Thermal channel
  • Uncooled focal plane array
  • VGA Format: 640x512 @25fps
  • NETD < 40 mK (@25°C,F#=1.0)
Advanced Functions
  • High Storage: 32GB
  • Remote control via mobile app (Android and iOS)
  • Chargeable Li battery operating up to 5 hours
  • Size 164mm × 182.3mm × 73.3mm
  • Weight: <1kg 
  • Operating temperature: -30 °C to 55 °C 


The TacFusion is a versatile handheld binocular supporting broad of applications such as patrolling, law enforcement, search and rescue, drug enforcement, anti-smuggling and suspect capture.

Key features
  • Advanced thermal, clear night vision, and fusion imaging
  • Long range detection up to 3 km
  • Remote control via mobile app (available for Android and iOS)

Colours available

TacFusion colours Available

TacFusion in real conditions



TacFusion assault

Did you know?

Many users such as search and rescue organizations, coastal guard teams, special forces and other users have been using TacFusion. 

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