Waste management

Sorting improvement

To contribute to improving our green footprint, waste management has become a key stake for high-income countries. In the recycling process, the sorting phase remains the most difficult one and requires the use of different sensors to be able to identify and classify the different compounds such as plastic, organic, minerals.... One of the main stakes is plastic sorting, as plastic is mostly used in many industries and represent the major waste part. On the other hand, the number of different type pf plastics is huge from white or colored to black, and is difficult to differentiate to other matters.

Imaging solutions from Ultra-Violet (UV) to Infra-Red (IR) provide a relevant response to waste management, allowing to differentiate compounds according to their spectral response. Exosens offers high sensitivity cameras from Ultra-Violet (UV) to Long Wave Infra-Red (LWIR), including Short Wave Infra-Red (SWIR) devices. Easy to integrate and to use, these cameras brings added value to discriminate compounds among others.

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