Swir InGaAs Sensors

SWIR InGaAs Sensors

SWIR imaging detectors are based on InGaAs (indium gallium arsenide) photodiode arrays. These SWIR detectors are used in Xenics SWIR camera products but can also be offered as such to customers who require a detector-based solution. In addition to standard products, customized solutions are also offered.

Short Wave Infrared

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Available in 512/1024/2048 rectangular or square pixels
Available in 320 x 256 pixels, 640 x 512 pixels
Pixel pitch of 12.5 µm, 20 µm, 25 µm pitch

SWIR InGaAs Sensors

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Supplier of sensor solutions

Xenics designs and develops ROICs (read-out integrated circuits) for the SWIR imaging detectors. The standard SWIR detector product range consists of packaged sensors, all based upon ROICs hybridized to an InGaAs photodiode array, with the following general specs:

  1. Line-scan arrays with square and rectangular pixels; resolutions ranging from 512 to 2048 pixels.
  2. Two-dimensional arrays with 320×256 pixels or 640×512 pixels – all with 20 µm pixel pitch