Crius Series

The Crius series are true SWaP optimized and affordable thermal imaging camera cores. With shutterless technology, each Crius generates outstanding thermal profile. In Crius series, Crius 1280 (now available with shuttered version) is the most compact and lightest high resolution LWIR core ever, ideal for long-range observation and surveillance.

Long Wave Infrared

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High-resolution – 12 µm for better DRI ranges
Small, light and low power consumption
Frame rate up to 60 FPS
Shuttered version (Crius 1280 only)

Crius Series

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Technical Information

Camera Specifications Crius 640Crius 1280
Pixel pitch12 µm12 µm
Image format640 x 480 pixels1280 x 1024 pixels
Spectral range8 – 14 μm8 – 14 μm
Max frame rate60 Hz60 Hz
Operating temperature range-40°C to +70°C-40°C to +70°C
Power consumption (DF40)< 1.2 W< 2.8 W
QualificationIndustrial (Standard grade)Industrial (Standard grade)
Max NETD (F/1 ; 300K ; 30 Hz)< 50 mK or < 40 mK (available upon request)< 50 mK
Output optionsCL, SDI, DF40, MIPI CSI-2CL, SDI, DF40, MIPI CSI-2
Shutter optionsShutterless and shuttered (DF40, SDI, MIPI CSI-2)
Weight (DF40)< 38 g< 90 g (< 130 g for shuttered version)



Crius series enables the enhancement of electro optical-systems performances: major benefit is DRI (Detection Recognition Identification), a key factor for long range observation platforms in Search and Rescue or surveillance of sensitive areas for plants, border. 

Product Selector guide

Part NumberDescription
XEN-000920Crius 640 50 mK (60 Hz)
XEN-000921Crius 640 50 mK (9 Hz)
XEN-000922Crius 640 40 mK (60 Hz)
XEN-000923Crius 640 40 mK (9 Hz)
XEN-000917Crius 1280 (60 Hz)
XEN-000919Crius 1280 (9 Hz)
XEN-000968Crius 1280 (Shuttered - 60 Hz)
XEN-000969Crius 1280 (Shuttered - 9 Hz)



Crius 1280 Series (1.18 MB)
Crius 640 Series (1017.9 KB)

Did you know ? 

Many users such Special Forces, police, security and maritime units, medical institutions have been using Crius Series.

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