The SmartIR series are true SWaP intelligent thermal imaging camera core. Being the most compact and lightest in their class, their generic design fits the expectation of OEMs and thermal camera integrators to be directly integrated for their applications.

Long Wave Infrared

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Easy to integrate: Free SDK & GUI
Low power consumption
Compact for large choice of applications


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Technical Information

Camera Specifications SmartIR 640SmartIR 1024
Pixel pitch17 µm17 µm
Image format640 x 480 pixels1024 x 768 pixels
Spectral range8 – 14 μm8 – 14 μm
Max frame rate60 Hz60 Hz
Operating temperature range-40°C to +70°C-40°C to +70°C
Power consumption (DF40)< 1.3 W< 2.5 W
QualificationIndustrial (Standard grade)Industrial (Standard grade)
Max NETD (F/1 ; 300K ; 30 Hz)< 40 mK or < 30 mK50 mK
Output optionsCL, SDI, Analog, DF40CL, SDI, DF40


The SmartIR offers an affordable compact and feather-weight thermal imaging cameras exclusively designed for integration into customer sub-system, enabling a high quality image generation with low power consumption, and agile configurations


SmartIR 640 SmartIR 640


The SmartIR 640 is powered by 640x480 pixels image sensor providing outstanding thermal profile, with most proven track record, which features exceptional and reproductible performances in various applications.

SmartIR 1024 SmartIR 1024


The SmartIR 1024 is powered by 1024x768 pixels image sensor providing excellent thermal profile typical NETD. It is the best in class for 17µm high performances electro-optics systems, the SWaP and reliable solution for long range and/or high resolution applications.

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Product selector guide

Part numberDescription
XEN-000941SmartIR 1024 50 mK (60Hz)
XEN-000927SmartIR 640 40 mK (9Hz)
XEN-000928SmartIR 640 40 mK (60Hz)
XEN-000929SmartIR 640 30 mK (9Hz)
XEN-000930SmartIR 640 30 mK (60Hz)
XEN-000944SmartIR 640P 40 mK (9Hz)
XEN-000945SmartIR 640P 40 mK (60Hz)



SmartIR 1024 (1003.36 KB)
SmartIR 640 Series (1.09 MB)

Did you know ?

Many users such as intelligence units, Special Forces, anti-terrorist forces, police have been using SmartIR.