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Even with a clear night, people have difficulties seeing a big ship approach, just perceived as a shadow, sometimes too late to avoid a collision. The risk of hitting a floating object (e.g. container, log, fishing gear…) which can quickly escalate into a highly critical situation is also a major concern for crew members. Modern navigation devices (i.e. GPS, radar, sonar, weather station…) contribute to safety enhancement, but the direct vision remains key to assessing the maritime environment, especially at night.

In this context, digital thermal cameras, which detect temperature difference in a scene, is a useful solution to identify events, at long range, such as somebody in the sea, illegal activities in a vessel or icebergs in the surroundings. Exosens product offers high sensitivity thermal cameras, with enhanced image quality. Product design has accounted for integration constraints with different standard interfaces and SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) considerations. 

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