MicroCube is the latest generation of thermal cores in 12μm pixel pitch, developed in a SWaP design with main standard interfaces. Size, weight and power altogether make this European-made thermal core the ideal candidate for all applications where consumption and/or footprint are key factors, namely UAVs, UGVs and robot-type platforms, as well as handheld devices and all battery-powered equipment.

Long Wave Infrared

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VGA 12 pixel pitch thermal core
Very compact design
Ultra efficient power consumption


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The MicroCube series offer an exceptional technological advancement in LWIR camera core with ultra-compact size, low weight and extremely low power features. Its’ remarkable compact size of 22x22 mm2 dimension makes it the most promising candidate for applications where space constraint is a concern such as handheld equipment, UAVs and drone.

Despite its diminutive footprint, the MicroCube series are able to detect a slight discrepancy up to NETD < 40mK. In addition, the standard video interface ensures easy integration into many thermal devices.

Technical information

Camera Specifications MicroCube 640
Pixel pitch12 µm
Image format640 x 480 pixels
Spectral range8 – 14 μm
Max frame rate60 Hz
Operating temperature range-40°C to +70°C
Power consumption (DF40)< 1.2 W
QualificationIndustrial (Standard grade)
Max NETD (F/1 ; 300K ; 30 Hz)< 50 mK or < 40 mK
Output optionsMIPI-CSI, DF40, UVC