Combustion flow analysis

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Combustion flow is a common process in automotive industry. The control of this process requires to be able to identify different elements such as gases, flame species and liquids and to follow their evolution along the time. Same request is coming from fluid mechanics to analyse the flow field. 2D or 3D imaging using high speed camera is today the best solution to ensure the right level of accuracy.

Exosens offers a range of intensified cameras to OEMs and integrators that can help to reach high level of sensitivity at high frame rate while keeping a compact product with a low weight. Exosens intensified cameras are using the combination of an ultra sensitive image intensifier tube coupled with one of the best performance low light cameras in the market. Thanks to its expertise in electro-optics and in the smart tube management, Exosens is able to propose to OEMs a cost effective plug and play solutions.

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Effectively Observing Fuel Injection

Combustion Analysis

Most combustion reactions generate infrared-active gases such as carbon dioxides (CO2) and water vapor as well as known pollutants like carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxides (NOx). On this regard, infrared imaging represents an interesting diagnostic tool as it allows chemical imaging and temperature measurement at the same time. High-speed infrared imaging is useful for characterizing fuel injection, ignition and combustion in internal combustion engines (ICE), gas turbines or jet engines, regarding which lowering fuel consumption and soot generation represents an important research aspect.

Combustion Analysis

Combustion Analysis

Combustion scientist Mark Musculus observes luminous diesel jets in an optical engine. Infrared imaging of jets provide a new and simpler method to measure vapor-fuel penetration, which is critical for designing high-efficiency engines. Photos courtesy of Mark Musculus (Sandia National Lab, Livermore, USA), and video courtesy of CNR Istituto Motori (Italy).

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