Mid Wave Infrared cameras (MWIR)

Our MWIR imaging systems provide unmatched capabilities for capturing and analyzing thermal data with precision and accuracy

Mid-wave infrared (MWIR) imaging technology offers a powerful means of capturing detailed thermal images in a broad range of applications, from industrial inspections to scientific research. At the forefront of MWIR imaging technology stands Telops, a leader in the field known for its innovative solutions and unmatched expertise.

Telops excels in the mid-wave infrared spectrum, harnessing its capabilities to deliver cutting-edge imaging systems that provide unparalleled performance and reliability. Here are some key benefits of Telops in the mid-wave infrared:

Advanced Performance Features: Telops' MWIR imaging systems are equipped with advanced performance features that enhance their capabilities and usability. From super high-speed imaging, to proprietary radiometric calibration enabling automatic exposure time adjustment as well as multispectral and high dynamic range capabilities, Telops' systems are designed to deliver unmatched performance in any application. 

Wide Range of Applications: Telops' MWIR imaging solutions are versatile tools that find applications across various industries and sectors. From industrial thermography and defense surveillance to environmental monitoring and scientific research, Telops offers tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of its customers.

Telops is a leader in mid-wave infrared imaging technology, offering innovative solutions that set the standard for performance, reliability, and versatility. Whether it's for industrial, scientific, or defense applications, Telops' MWIR imaging systems provide unmatched capabilities for capturing and analyzing thermal data with precision and accuracy.

Reliability and Durability: Telops is committed to delivering reliable and durable MWIR imaging solutions that can withstand the rigors of demanding environments. Built to the highest quality standards and subjected to rigorous testing, Telops' systems are trusted by customers around the world for their robustness and longevity.

Our MWIR imaging systems provide unmatched capabilities for capturing and analyzing thermal data with precision and accuracy. Explore further below to learn more about mwir camera technology, benefits, and our cutting-edge solutions:

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Mid-wave infrared (MWIR) cameras are essential tools in thermal imaging, capturing radiation emitted directly from objects without the need for an external light source. Telops, a leader in MWIR imaging technology, offers a diverse range of cooled MWIR camera options tailored to meet the needs of various industries and sectors.

Telops designs and manufactures high-performance cooled MWIR cameras for defense, industrial, and academic research applications. With their advanced features and capabilities, Telops cooled MWIR cameras provide unparalleled performance and reliability, making them the ideal choice for demanding environments.

One of Telops' flagship MWIR camera series is the Telops FAST camera series, featuring the fastest infrared cameras on the market. These cameras, available in various MWIR bands, boast high sensitivity, impressive temporal resolution, and proprietary automated exposure control (AEC), making them perfect for analyzing dynamic events in fields such as ballistics, combustion, or experimental mechanics experiments.

Telops offers cooled MWIR cameras  as part of its SPARK family, designed to provide world-class MWIR imaging capabilities at an affordable price. Available in VGA formats, SPARK cameras can be configured to meet specific measurement requirements, offering users flexibility without compromising on performance.

Furthermore, Telops' MWIR camera modules offer integrated solutions for continuous monitoring applications. With features such as permanent radiometric calibration and Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) operating mode, these camera modules provide users with precise and reliable thermal imaging capabilities.

In addition to standard MWIR cameras, Telops specializes in hyperspectral imaging systems equipped with MWIR sensors. These systems, such as the Hyper-Cam and Hyper-Cam Airborne Mini, combine high spatial and spectral resolution to provide real-time radiometrically calibrated data for gas and mineral detection and identification.
Telops' MWIR cameras are also optimized for high dynamic range performance, allowing efficient imaging of hot and cold objects simultaneously. The HDR family of cameras, including models like the HDR M700, employ advanced technologies to enable measurements of extremely wide temperature ranges in a single snapshot image, revolutionizing in-scene dynamic range capabilities in thermal imaging systems.

Telops provides a wide range of accessories and software options to complement its MWIR cameras, including lens options such as 25-MM, 100-MM, and 200-MM LENSES, as well as G1X and G4X LENSES. These accessories enhance the functionality and versatility of Telops' MWIR camera systems, allowing users to customize their setups according to specific needs.

When it comes to capturing dynamic events, frame rates play a crucial role. Telops' MWIR cameras offer impressive temporal resolution, allowing for high-speed imaging of fast-moving targets with precision and accuracy. Whether it's analyzing ballistic trajectories or monitoring combustion processes, Telops' MWIR cameras deliver exceptional performance at varying frame rates.

For applications requiring compactness and portability, Telops offers solutions with small Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) characteristics. The Hyper-Cam Mini xLW, for example, is an advanced compact infrared hyperspectral imaging system designed for remote detection, identification, and quantification. Its small size and low power consumption make it ideal for deployment in hard-to-reach locations where space is limited.

In addition to addressing size constraints, Telops also considers the cost-effectiveness of its solutions.

Telops' MWIR cameras are engineered to operate reliably in demanding environments, including those with high operating temperatures. With robust design and construction, these cameras ensure consistent performance even in extreme conditions, making them suitable for a wide range of applications across industries.

Furthermore, Telops' MWIR cameras offer versatile output options, allowing users to integrate them seamlessly into existing systems or workflows. Whether it's capturing thermal data for analysis or streaming high-quality video footage for real-time monitoring, Telops' MWIR cameras provide flexible output capabilities to meet diverse user requirements.

Telops' MWIR cameras combine world-class mid-wave infrared imaging technology with advanced features such as high frame rates, compact design, cost-effectiveness, and reliable performance in high operating temperatures. With a range of accessories, software options, and output capabilities, Telops continues to innovate and set new standards in MWIR imaging excellence.

Telops' MWIR cameras offer unmatched performance, reliability, and versatility, making them the top choice for users across various industries and applications. With their innovative features and advanced technologies, Telops continues to set the standard for MWIR imaging excellence.

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