VHF commercial tubes

VHF commercial tubes

Compact, sturdy power tubes designed for high linearity VHF-TV equipment as well as other CW or pulsed RF applications

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Easily circuited to desired frequency
Operation in TEM mode possible
High gain bandwidth product for full VHF-TV service
Operates well in high temperatures

VHF commercial tubes

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Technical information

Type NumberPower Carrier (W)VoltsAmps1G2 VoltsGain (dB)




Photonis Defense's VHF Commercial Tubes are designed to deliver high gain and high linearity for VHF-TV equipment. They can be easily tuned to the required frequency and feature a coaxial-terminal design that provides a high gain bandwidth product across the full VHF-TV band, as well as the ability to operate in TEM Mode.

These tubes are built to withstand high temperatures and have minimized tube inductances, enabling the use of simple, cost-effective broadband circuit techniques for VHF operation. In addition to commercial VHF-TV service, Photonis' VHF Commercial tubes are also ideal for other applications such as single sideband, CW or pulsed RF, modulator services, translator services, and more.

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