FM power tubes

FM power tubes

Photonis Defense manufactures high-gain, high-efficiency FM power tubes that are designed for maximum performance by minimizing the number of stages required for satisfactory operation.

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Easily circuited to desired frequency
Operation in TEM mode possible
High gain bandwidth product for full VHF-TV service
Operates well in high temperatures

FM power tubes

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Technical information

Type Number Power Carrier (W) Volts Amps1 G2 Volts Gain (dB)
8986 15 9 2.1 1200 19
9011 30 12 3.2 1200 20



FM broadcasting is a method of radio broadcasting that uses frequency modulation (FM) in order to provide high-quality sound over broadcast radio. For FM broadcasting applications, Photonis Defense offers power tubes of varying specifications which have been designed to be used as components in commercial transmitters.

Photonis Defense FM power tubes are designed for maximum performance, with high gain and efficiency, making them ideal for use in FM service. These tubes can be easily adapted to different frequency levels, and their coaxial terminal design allows for operation in the Transverse Electromagnetic Mode (TEM).

The resonant cavity circuit design of Photonis Defense FM power tubes minimizes airflow restrictions, while the sturdy construction and use of thoriated tungsten filament reduces tube inductances, leading to lower maintenance costs. The tube design also reduces the number of stages needed for operation, making it possible to achieve maximum levels with simple and economical broadband circuit techniques.

Photonis Defense offers complete RF circuits with many of their power tubes, allowing for easy tuning and operation. Our cavities are specifically designed to match our power tubes, ensuring high-power amplification for specific frequency bands and services.

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