UHF mobile tubes

UHF mobile tubes

Photonis Defense's UHF or Ultra High-Frequency Mobile Power Tubes offer a compact and reliable solution. Constructed with ceramic-metal material, these tubes provide close tolerance in high-temperature operations and low-temp operation in high-temperature environments. Our UHF Mobile tubes are tested for durability and proven to offer dependable performance under severe shock and vibration.

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Ceramic-metal construction for strength
Tested for durability
Forced air cooled for low temperature operation
Can be used as regulators or in distributed amplifier service
Designed to meet various low noise requirements

UHF mobile tubes

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Technical information

Type NumberPower (W)VoltsAmps1G2 VoltsGain (dB)
76494.5 (pulse)30003.070011



Photonis Defense offers small and compact UHF or Ultra High-Frequency Mobile Power Tubes that are perfect for a wide range of mobile applications where having a sturdy, efficient, and reliable UHF amplification source is essential. These power tubes are constructed using ceramic-metal material, which provides enough strength and close tolerance even in high-temperature operations. Additionally, Photonis Defense UHF Mobile tubes are designed with a forced-air-cooled system that enables low-temp operation even in high-temperature environments.

At Photonis Defense, we understand the importance of durability and reliability. Therefore, our UHF Mobile tubes undergo rigorous testing to ensure their ability to withstand severe shock and vibration.

These tubes are widely used as RF and pulsed RF amplifiers in compact aircraft, mobile, and stationary equipment. They are also designed to meet low noise requirements, making them ideal for unpressurized airborne communication services.

Photonis Defense's UHF Mobile tubes can also be used as regulators or in distributed amplifier service, making them versatile and adaptable to a variety of applications. Contact us today to learn more about our UHF Mobile Power Tubes and how they can enhance your mobile applications.

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