Streak tubes

With a wide range of spatial and temporal resolutions, Photonis streak tubes support extremely high speed applications with simple connections to common camera equipment. Photonis Streak Tubes can provide spatial resolution up to 50 lp/mm, temporal resolution to sub-picosecond in streak mode, or exposure times less than 10 ns in framing mode, making them a versatile solution to support a wide range of applications, such as Picosecond Laser Measurements, Plasma Physics, Detonics and Ballistics, Fluorescence and Raman Spectroscopy, Synchrotron Science. 

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High-uniformity photocathode
Ultra-fine spatial resolution
Stable spectral sensitivity

Streak tubes

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Photonis Streak Tubes set the industry standard for overall quality, optimizing timing, resolution and sensitivity. Streak tubes are unique devices for capturing and measuring ultra-fast light phenomena. There are several applications for streak tubes including temporal measurement of lasers, ballistics, fluorescence, spectrochemistry, laser-matter interaction, etc. Researchers will appreciate the wide range and high quality of Photonis Streak Tubes.

Whether your application is ballistics, physics research, microscopy, biology or femtochemistry, Photonis Streak Tubes provide the timing and resolution your research requires. 

Photonis Streak tubes are applied in streak, framing or synchroscan modes, with a wide range of available photocathodes for detection from low energy X-ray to near infrared. The high sensitivity, low noise photocathodes provide high uniformity, excellent signal-to-noise ratio, and a high shutter ratio, while bilamellar electron optics support femtosecond temporal and extremely high spatial resolution.