LINCam, offered in collaboration with Photonscore, is a time-correlated single photon counting camera with picosecond timestamping. When paired with a pulsed light source, LINCam transforms any conventional fluorescence microscope into a powerful lifetime imager. From Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM) to Quantum Communication, LINCam delivers exceptional performance.

*LINCam is offered in collaboration with Photonscore 

LINCam, offered in collaboration with Photonscore

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Single photon sensitive
40ps timestamping
Up tp 1 MHits/s rate capability
High spatial resolution
Easy to integrate in setup


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LINCam is an advanced, event based, camera designed to detect and image single photons on the picosecond time scale.  

Live, real-time imaging and accurate time of arrival information is given over the full anode area. Paired with a pulsed light source, LINCam seamlessly integrates with conventional fluorescence microscopes, transforming your setup into a powerful lifetime imager. It’s low dark noise rate (<10 cps) ensures reliable data acquisition, while the high readout speed (1 MHz) reduces acquisition times significantly (tens of seconds instead of hours). Sample damage can be lowered significantly with the LINCam thanks to its large measurement area and high Quantum Efficiency (Hi-QE) of 30% which requires lower power density lasers. Experience the future of single photon imaging with LINCam.

Photonis provides Photonscore with a critical component of the detector: the high time resolution, position sensitive MCP-PMT. The MCP-PMT plays a pivotal role in LINCam’s performance for single photon imaging. At the heart of the detector lies Photonis’s proprietary Microchannel Plates (MCPs). These plates are meticulously crafted from a specialized glass formula, ensuring the highest quality with exceptional performance. By multiplying electron signals with remarkable efficiency, the MCPs contribute to low noise and low jitter detection across a wide dynamic range within the MCP-PMT.




LINCam (1.43 MB)


LINCam : Working principle (LINCam : Working principle)
SPAD LINCam comparison (SPAD LINCam comparison)