Photonis MCP-PMT solutions are ideal for high-speed single photon counting applications. Our MCP-PMTs offer low dark count rates, very high B-field immunity, and superior photon detection.

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40 ps transfer time spread for single photons
Magnetic field immunity up to 3 Tesla
Hi-QE photocathode option
Gated intensifier tubes
8 mm or 18 mm active diameter


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Custom detectors can be ordered with your choice of photocathode, including the Hi-QE option. Other options include power supplies or cameras.  Bring us your requirements and we'll provide the exact detector you need.

Photonis has brought together two fast photonic timing detection technologies - photomultiplier tubes and microchannel plates - into one single sensor.

Choose between an 8 or 18 mm MCP and your choice of photocathode to be combined with a single anode. MCP-PMTs are equipped with a single high voltage connector and an SMA signal output, enabling easy installation. An optional miniature USB power supply will help you get your experiment under way quickly.



Photonis’ MCP-PMTs enable detection from single photon to few Ghz in photon burst mode and few 100 MHz in continuous illumination thanks to the high linearity properties. Along with the extremely low dark rate, the new detector is capable of 8 orders of magnitude dynamic range. These unrivalled timing properties, combined with a long lifetime and a high collection efficiency, make these MCP-PMTs an excellent choice for many demanding applications whether it is used in space or in the lab.

Photons MCP-PMTs combine photomultiplier tubes with microchannel plates for a fast timing detector that is ideal for single photon counting applications. We offer a range of customization options, including your choice of photocathode, timing and outputs. Our MCP configuration can be ordered in dual Chevron or triple Z-stack configurations for additional gain. MCP-PMTs are ideal for fluorescence imaging, Cherenkov imaging, and high energy physics research.




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