Mineral insulated extensions

The extreme operating conditions in which Photonis neutron and gamma detectors are operating can lead organic insulated cables to deteriorate, requiring repair.

The extreme operating conditions in which Photonis neutron and gamma detectors operate can lead to deterioration of organic insulated cables, resulting in signal degradation which often requires cable repair.

In order to have long lasting and reliable signal transmission, Photonis offers high-immunity, mineral-insulated (MI) cable extensions and connectors. Our MI cable extensions allow transmission of lowlevel impulse signals under harsh radiation and environmental conditions.

Depending on the connector which is supplied with the detector, Photonis can provideBNC, BNC HT, HN, SMA, or other connectors. Photonis specific reinforced HN connectors can support up to 20 bar external pressure and remain tight at high temperature. Our cable extensions also provide efficient shielding to radiation and electromagnetic parasitic signals.

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Learn more about mineral insulated cables

In the realm of nuclear instrumentation, ensuring the utmost safety and reliability amidst severe operating conditions is paramount. Photonis Nuclear Instrumentation addresses this challenge with a comprehensive range of solutions, including mineral insulated  cable extensions. 

In installation scenarios where integral cables are less preferred, our triaxial and coaxial cable extensions emerge as ideal alternatives. These metal-clad conduits, fortified for harsh environments, promise system reliability without compromise.

These cables with stainless steel sheath serve as lifelines in environments where organic insulated cables falter under extreme conditions. With resistance against radiation and electromagnetic interference, they guarantee accurate signal transmission, vital for the integrity of nuclear detection systems.
Customization lies at the heart of our offerings. From designs tailored to specific requirements to the construction of connectors able to withstand high pressures and temperatures, Photonis caters to diverse industries and applications.

The insulation materials used, such as magnesium oxide, ensure not only robust protection but also longevity, even in the face of fire / burn damage or heat. Moreover, adherence to rigorous standards and quality assurance programs underscores our commitment to excellence. Each type of MI cable undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets our stringent quality standards.

Furthermore, our processes encompass every stage, from core development to final installation, ensuring seamless integration into existing facilities. 

With voltage fluctuations and external threats ever-present, the protection afforded by our cable extensions becomes indispensable. Each conductor meticulously crafted to withstand the rigors of nuclear environments, safeguarding not just data but also the integrity of operations.

In the domain of nuclear instrumentation, our commitment to safety and reliability extends to every facet of our solutions. Our mineral insulated cable extensions, often referred to as MI cables, epitomize this dedication. With their long-lasting performance and resistance to degradation, MI cables ensure optimal performance of many critical systems within nuclear plants throughout their life span. 

At Photonis Nuclear Instrumentation, we understand the vital role MI cables play in safeguarding nuclear facilities. That's why we prioritize quality and accuracy in every design, providing peace of mind even in the most demanding environments. Our commitment extends to ensuring the reliability of every wire within our systems.

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