Nuclear Fuel Cycle Plants

Safer fuel cycle installations

Nuclear fuel reprocessing and waste management involve detection, storage, recovery of fissile material (plutonium and enriched uranium) and separation of waste products. Photonis detectors are the most sensitive probes in the world, allowing for more accurate neutron flux measurement for safer fuel cycle installations. France has opted for a policy of processing and recycling spent fuel. This strategy will reach its full potential with fourth generation reactors. It is therefore preparing future fuel cycles in tandem with the development of 4th-generation nuclear systems.

Thanks to the long-term partnership with ORANO in France, Photonis contributes to the recycling of recoverable materials and participates in safe management of radioactive waste. Dedicated to safety and innovation, Photonis is proud to provide detectors for all fuel processing site facilities worldwide. 

Photonis Nuclear Instrumentation - CEA

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