Photonis will exhibit at SOFINS 2017

Experience the latest Night Vision & Digital Vision technology at SOFINS!

Photonis will exhibit at SOFINS 2017, scheduled from 28 to 30 March in Martignas sur Jalles, Camp de Souge, in France.
Unique in Europe, SOFINS, the Special Operation Forces Innovation Network Seminar is a novel concept combining technological innovations and tests in real conditions. Organised by the Cercle de l'Arbalète on behalf of the COS (Commandment of Special Operations), the 3rd edition of this seminar is designed to develop synergy in equipment between French Special Forces and the national fabric of industrialists, Subject Matter Experts and the world of research.
At SOFINS, Photonis, the world leader in photo-sensor for detection of ultra-low light levels, will showcase the best Image Intensifier tube, the INTENSTM.  It offers extended bandwidth sensitivity (from 400-1000 nm) and improved sensitivity to 100μlx (Night Level 6). These innovations provide a 40% increase in detection, recognition, and identification (DRI) over previous tubes. INTENSTM is a unique intensifier well-suited for Multi-Mission Night Vision; ideal for use in the darkest mission conditions including deep mountain valleys and jungle terrain. The INTENSTM tube reflects today’s need to support evolving imaging advancements designed to protect soldiers by providing improved performance.
Photonis will also showcase a comprehensive line-up of digital vision solutions for superior Detection, Recognition and Identification (DRI) such as the award winning CNOD night observation device, and FusionSight®, a hand held sight that combines optical, thermal vision or a fused image using both thermal and optical imaging.

The vision on future Night Vision Technology and applications and its advantages to soldiers operation will be a major highlight during this conference.

Visit Photonis at SOFINS booth B12, and experience in real conditions of extreme level of night an unparalleled technology in terms of Night Vision in our specially set-up outdoor starlight room.