Photonis releases the latest Nocturn camera

Photonis is proud to release the Nocturn U3

The latest camera core with USB 3.0 interface within the Nocturn family


Photonis Nocturn U3


Photonis Digital Vision, the experts of digital cameras for low-light conditions, is adding the Nocturn U3 to its portfolio. The Nocturn U3 is powered by a Photonis Lynx monochrome or Kameleon smart colour CMOS sensor, just like the other versions of the Nocturn family. The remarkable sensitivity of the camera core combined with this commonly used video standard makes Nocturn U3 ideal for several applications in industrial monitoring, machine vision, and scientific analysis such as subsea, aquaculture, microscopy and food inspection.


The newcomer in the Nocturn family is equipped with an USB 3.0 interface which enables a fast data transfer for real-time imaging. In line with the other Nocturn camera cores this U3 camera core offers flexible customization as well as the highest sensitivity over a broad spectral range making it the best camera core in its class.


Incorporating a small size and light-weight, the Nocturn U3 is available as a new possibility that fits the need of integrators who are looking for camera cores that are sensitive, fast, small, and easy to integrate.


To ensure the best imaging experience using Nocturn U3 for your specific applications please reach out to the Photonis Digital Vision team.

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