Photonis member of GIFEN

Photonis France became a member of GIFEN

Photonis France became a member of the Groupement des Industriels Français de l'Energie Nucléaire (GIFEN - French Nuclear Energy Industry Group), the new professional organisation representing the French nuclear industry. The GIFEN, act as the mouthpiece for the French nuclear industry, which is composed of 3,600 companies and counts 220,000 jobs.

Photonis is a long lasting player of the French nuclear industry with a strong involvement since the first creation of the nuclear French organisations. Its nuclear business unit, Photonis Nuclear Instrumentation, has provided safety critical components to 180+ nuclear facilities over the last 60 years in France and abroad.

According to, the Nuclear Instrumentation Director Cyril Barre:“Photonis has maintained during years a proven expertise on reliable Neutron and Gamma detectors for the safety of nuclear cores. The Nuclear Instrumentation activity is located in Brive-la-Gaillarde, France, on an industrial site inaugurated in 1937. As a member of the French nuclear industry, we remain committed to continue supporting the country in safely generating low carbon electricity and contributing to its nuclear research dynamism.”

Haikel Ben Aoun, Sales and Business Development Manager, explains:“This membership is a real recognition of Photonis’ expertise in the nuclear sector. We are confident that GIFEN’ activities will be valuable for our development in the nuclear industry internationally and in France. Our products contribute to the safety of nuclear power plants, fuel reprocessing plants, waste storage and nuclear research facilities. ”