Photonis launches TacFusion

Photonis launches state-of-the-art device for critical missions: TacFusion

After Photonis and Device ALab joined forces, Photonis is proud to release the TacFusion, the newest handheld binocular combining low light camera core and thermal imaging sensor. Built and developed in partnership with integrators, the TacFusion is equipped with day/night, thermal and fusion capabilities to detect threats or missing persons regardless of environmental and light conditions.

With its multiple view modes and four times digital zoom capability; the TacFusion enables long-range detection, recognition and identification up to 3 km during day and night operations.

The device provides connectivity that includes Wi-Fi, GPS, time-stamped and real-time video streaming allowing prompt communication and sharing urgent information from the incident scene.

This binocular is user friendly, the users are able to operate it directly, mount it to any vehicle or surveillance system or control remotely via mobile app.

The TacFusion is built to perform complicated tasks under adverse conditions with simplified options to enable users to intuitively use the device.

"TacFusion is a nice example of a breakthrough product with Photonis inside."

Geoffroy Deltel, CTO & General Manager Photonis Digital Vision

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