Photonis’ 4G Standard Now Available to US Market

Ground-Breaking 4G Standard-Compliant INTENS™ Now Available to US Market

Photonis, the world leader in Night Vision Sensor Innovations announced that its 4G-compliant Image Intensifier Tube, INTENS™, is now available to the US Market.
The INTENS™ tube offers extended bandwidth sensitivity (from 400-1100 nm) and improved sensitivity to 100μlx (Night Level 6).
These innovations provide a 40% increase in detection, recognition, and identification (DRI) over previous tubes. INTENS™ is a unique intensifier well-suited for Multi-Mission Night Vision; ideal for use in the darkest mission conditions including deep mountain valleys and jungle terrain.

The new 4G Night Vision standard is defined by measurable specifications that reflect today’s need to support evolving imaging advancements designed to protect soldiers by providing improved performance that reflect the needs of deployed personnel. The 4G Night Vision standard provides four key parameters:

  • Extending the bandwidth detection range from 400-1100 nm;
  • A Figure of Merit (FOM) ratio above 18001;
  • A resolution above 57 lp/mm regardless of lighting conditions;
  • A Halo around bright light incidents not larger than 0.9mm (0.75 typical).

Across the complete set of the new standard of 4G specification, INTENS™ pairs the latest in performance and stability with cutting-edge technologies that make the quantum efficiency over the complete visible light spectrum superior to other solutions. A minimum Figure of Merit (FOM) of 2,000 is offered with an unrivalled broadband sensitivity from the UV to the IR part of the spectrum. Combined with a very small HALO effect, the result is very high contrast and fast imaging intensifier tube with an operational lifetime well over 10,000 hours.

With INTENS™, Photonis has transformed market demands into a brand new technology to provide end-users with the best performance Image Intensifier Tube available today. Gregg Bell, President and CEO of Photonis USA, notes the added benefits. “These fully-4G compliant tubes offer superior resolution, crystal-clear images under any lighting condition and when CONOPS require, the capability to see beyond 1000nm, providing our warfighters with an unfair advantage.“

Photonis is the global leader in Image Intensifier solutions with approximately one million combat proven deployed Image Intensifier Tubes (I2 Tubes ) to Armed Forces, Police, Special Forces, Security Services, Defense Industry, and government agencies as well as OEMs and integrators worldwide. INTENS™ is the result of Photonis’ continual commitment to the investment, research and development in low light technologies.

Photonis has selected DEP Technologies to be its exclusive importer of INTENS™ tubes to serve the United States market. DEP Technologies is an innovative Night Vision manufacturer providing modular and ruggedized systems that improve system uptime in common NV systems including PVS-14, Mum and others. Mr. Bell noted, “Photonis feels DEP's night vision innovation supports our continued commitment to enhance currently fielded equipment and next generation designs.” DEP Technologies is also offering immediate availability of INTENS™ tubes in the U.S. through their launch partners: MOD Armory (, I2 Technologies and Systems Integrations

1 A Figure of Merit is defined by the Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) multiplied by the Center Resolution