New Enhanced Band Microwave Power Modules from Photonis

Designed to meet SWaP requirements
See them at the AOC '17 Show in Washington, DC, November 28-29th, 2017 

November 20, 2017 Lancaster, PA – Photonis USA Pennsylvania, Inc. (Photonis USA) introduces the next generation of Microwave Power Modules (MPM) for electronic warfare and communications applications.

These all new MPMs provide a minimum of 200 watts output power at the band edges, in excess of 300 watts mid-band, and are offered in two performance options, 2-8 GHz or 6-18 GHz.

The MPMs manufactured by Photonis USA maximize the laws of physics for both solid state and vacuum devices by incorporating the best of both proven technologies. These devices combine a high-gain solid state driver with a miniature traveling wave tube, a high voltage power supply, and an integrated cooling system into one self-contained device, while maintaining a compact footprint for seamless integration into existing systems. This configuration offers the best level of performance over the full range of environmental extremes faced by today’s combat platforms.

MPMs maximize efficiency while minimizing power consumption and system costs/complexities. Due to their compact design, these devices are well suited for pod-mounted tactical airborne electronic warfare and communications applications. They can also be optimized for more output power when narrower frequency ranges are specified and can use a variety of power inputs.

“The two new MPMs from Photonis USA will enable system integrators, system houses and military researchers to design compact, wide bandwidth, high power applications that have a long operational lifetime and low integration costs,” stated Larry Stack, Executive Director of Strategic Business Development for Photonis USA. He continued, “Combining the best of solid state and tube technology into one compact, stand-alone system gives the warfighter technology that they can depend on, with decades of combat-proven performance. It doesn’t have to be a choice between solid state or tubes, it can be both. These new products represent a continued commitment to providing wide bandwidth, high power solutions that meet the ever advancing requirements of global defense platforms.”