Essential components for diagnostics

Essential components to OEMs, integrators and laboratories for diagnostics

Within Photonis the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a stronger focus on doing our best to supply essential components to OEMs, integrators and laboratories to assist in any possible testing and analysing.

We realise that testing is crucial in fighting the disease as there is limited test capacity throughout the world. This post may contribute to those who are searching for essential components that can be used in diagnostics, analysis and possible testing of COVID-19 in patient samples.

Photon/ light detectors
The Photonis High Collection Efficiency MCPs allow a drastic increase of the detection efficiency of detectors. With the Hi-QE photocathode series, Photonis detectors are already the choice of preference for applications requiring high quantum efficiency and low dark rate. The Hi-CE MCPs are available in a variety of custom photon detectors, including MCP-PMTs, Image Intensifier Tubes (Cricket) and Imaging Photon Counters (Mantis).

Combined intensification and CMOS technologies
Photonis CMOS sensor technology and digital camera cores ensure image captures of up to 100 fps in full frame mode and up to 5000 fps in windowing mode. This capability significantly enhances detectability at very low signals, enabling for single photon detection ranging from the UV spectrum up to the NIR spectrum.

At Photonis, the fight against COVID-19 goes with safety measures to protect our employees, our partners and our customers who are at the frontlines of the battle in the best way we can. We are also convinced that we can do our part to increase humanity’s efforts against COVID-19 by providing reliable, essential components to be used in testing instruments and laboratory supplies.


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