Exosens’ Innovation

Enabling Technological Breakthroughs for a Safer World with Innovative Imaging and Detection Solutions


Exosens invests heavily in new technologies because we believe that the only way Exosens stays successful is investing in the future.

Accompanied by Groupe HLD since 2021, Exosens is a high-tech company, with more than 85 years of experience in the innovation, development, manufacture and sale of technologies in the field of particles and photo detection and imaging.

Today, it offers its customers detectors and detection solutions: its travelling wave tubes, advanced cameras, neutron & gamma detectors, instrument detectors and light intensifier tubes allow Exosens to respond to complex issues in environments extremely demanding by offering tailor-made solutions to its customers.

Thanks to its sustained and permanent investment, Exosens is internationally recognized as a major innovator in optoelectronics, with production and R&D carried out on 9 sites, in Europe and North America and over 1 500 employees.



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Exosens - Innovation

Research & Development

The continued success of Exosens is attributed to our ongoing commitment to generously fund and staff innovative research and development programs. This funding is provided through both reinvestment and customer-driven requirements.

Exosens' product range includes digital cameras, electron, ion, neutron, and gamma detectors, microwave amplifiers, and image intensifier tubes. These products offer tailored solutions to address complex challenges in highly demanding environments. Our detection and imaging solutions span from UV to LWIR, featuring key attributes like high sensitivity and speed.

Our products find extensive use worldwide in defense & surveillance, lifescience & environment, industrial control, nuclear energy, as well as in numerous medical, space, and physics research laboratories wher they contribute to advancing developments that benefit humanity.

Exosens' R&D staff is distributed across factories and laboratories worldwide. Our team includes engineers, innovation experts, physicists, chemists, and other specialists, most of whom hold advanced degrees or Ph.D.s. They constantly challenge established principles in physics, optics, and electronics to advance technologies in particle detection and imaging. These efforts result in the introduction of new and innovative products to the market.

Exosens R&D programs are designed not only to create new products, but often advance the core technologies that drive optoelectronics innovations. For our efforts, Exosens has been granted numerous patents for our innovations and technologies in many countries. We have also received several awards from both customers and industry, including a 2015 Ingénieur Général Chanson Award for the LYNX Colour sensor and a 2016 GICAT export trophy award for the hand held CNOD device.
Our El-Mul revolutionary ScintiFast™ Technology has set a new standard of response time and photon yield, enabling ultra-fast electron and ion detection systems in the mass spectrometry and semiconductor metrology industries.

We are continuing our commitment to quality and innovations as we look for ways to incorporate advancements in optics and physics into our product offerings.

Exosens - Innovation
Exosens - Innovation

Innovative Hyperspectral Imaging, and Infrared Technology Solutions

Exosens, with its commitment to innovation, leads the way in tackling technological challenges within the optics and photonics industry. Embracing the power of its prominent brands— Xenics, and Telops — and their expertise in cutting-edge imaging solutions, encompassing SWIR imagers and MWIR, LWIR technologies to provide high-performance hyperspectral imaging systems, infrared cameras, and cores, catering to defense, industrial, and academic research markets.

Innovative Nuclear Instrumentation technology Solutions

Exosens is a market leader in Nuclear Instrumentation for more than 50 years. We offer unique detector technologies compatible with different reactor types and environments. Embracing the power of its prominent brand Photonis, Exosens has worked on innovative technologies, including fast reactors such as Phenix, Superphenix, and the Astrid project. Safety is our overriding priority. Our detectors are integral components of the Instrumentation and Control system (I&C) used for reactor power monitoring and safety-related systems, offering a range of cutting-edge technologies. Photonis reactor instrumentation (ex-core, in-core) is based on fission chambers, boron lined proportional counters, gamma ionization chambers technologies, transmission lines, connectors, and feedthroughs in extreme environments. Exosens has been growing its knowledge and experience through its involvements with the French nuclear power plants and innovative research and developments programs.

Exosens - Innovation
Exosens - Innovation

Innovative ions and electron detection technology solutions

Using the power of its prominent brands - Photonis, El-Mul - Exosens offers a wide range of innovative detection and imaging solutions to scientists and researchers worldwide. Creating value for its customers through constant innovation, Exosens leverages its strong brands and their unique experience and intellectual property to provide comprehensive tailor-made solutions, from concept design to serial manufacturing. For each instrument and application, we push technology to the edge, increasing speed, collection efficiency, and SNR, while also reducing footprint and cost, consistently rising to meet our customers' challenges.

Innovative night vision technology solutions

With more than 85 years of expertise, Photonis, renowned brand of the Exosens group, is dedicated to crafting groundbreaking night vision solutions through state-of-the-art technology. Our primary goal is to meet the requirements of night vision operators, ensuring exceptional performance in the darkest nights.

Over the years, Photonis has become a key opto-electronic key player in modern warfare as more and more operations take place by night. With a strong focus on innovation, Photonis has significantly increased soldier mobility by improving terrain reconnaissance and threat identification during night operations. Having cutting-edge devices is undoubtedly an advantage on the battlefield for the most demanding missions.

Exosens - Innovation
Exosens - Innovation

Innovative microwave amplifier technology solutions

Exosens provides state of the art technologies and products pertaining to power tubes, microwave traveling wave tubes to the markets we serve.

Our reputation for innovation continues today as the premier provider of high-power microwave amplifiers.

Photonis Defense products enable some of the world’s most powerful and sophisticated electronic warfare jammers, missile systems and weapon-system simulators as well as military- and commercial-satellite data communications devices.

No other product line does a better job of generating the power output required by today’s sophisticated electronics and advanced weapon systems.