iNocturn: combining the best of image intensifier tube and low light camera

After the success of Nocturn cameras, Photonis is proud to release iNocturn, the innovative intensified camera combining Photonis high-QE image intensifier tube and low‐light Nocturn camera. Addressing the challenges of the industrial monitoring market, the iNocturn provides a complete solution extracting the very best from Photonis CMOS sensors and image intensifier technologies. The image below illustrates the basic principle of iNocturn:

Inocturn Schema

Basic principle of iNocturn


The iNocturn features an exceptional sensitivity based on high QE image intensifier, ultra-fast gating technology down to a few nanoseconds, which allows it to be coupled with a laser source to perform high fidelity active imaging.

Specific range of wavelength

The High QE image intensifier comes with different range of wavelength spanning from deep UV to Near Infrared enabling the user to focus on a specific range of wavelength for a particular application. For example, spark and electrical discharge detection application is very suitable with the iNocturn SUV, while the iNocturn Blue or Green can be used for other applications that include wafer inspection, spectroscopy and microscopy.

Advanced camera specification

Thanks to the Smart Tube Management, the iNocturn range of camera produces high quality images and videos supporting the ability to perform single photon detection, with a ultra-low read noise reached without the need for any additional cooling.

The camera has a high-resolution sensor equipped with a high frame rate for excellent image production, which is well‐suited for high speed moving objects in industrial monitoring application for example. The iNocturn is small, compact and light-weighted especially designed for easy integration into any systems.


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