TruFlite™ Microchannel Plate

Used in Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry, these microchannel plates have been manufactured to control input surface flatness to +/- 5 microns in order to reduce ion arrival time jitter.

TruFlite™ microchannel plates are designed to control and optimize two common errors in Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry - ion arrival time and time jitter. As the manufacturer, Photonis is able to provide these detectors as standalone pieces or as part of our Gen2 UltraFast TOF detector assembly. 
TruFlite™ MCPs are available in 18mm sizes with a bias angle of 19o and a 2µm pore size, or a 25mm or 40mm MCP with a bias angle of 19o and a 5µm pore size. Typical flatness can be controlled at the time of manufacture to within 10µm across an MCP. (Note that 2µm MCPs are not sold individually but can be ordered in complete Gen2 UltraFast™ TOF assemblies.)

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TruFlite™ Microchannel Plate

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