Stripline Microchannel Plate

These microchannel plates have been lined with several layers of electroding material to sequentially capture high-speed charged particle events. Stripline MCPs are ideal for high energy physics research when documenting or diagnosing the sequence of high-speed occurrances.

Stripline MCPS are capable of capturing sequential images of charged particle events at very high speeds, making them extremely useful diagnostic tools for documenting nuclear events during energy research and process development. Stripline MCPs use electrode strips to create dielectric polarization, allowing for the movement of ions toward or away from a positive or negative charge. The result is that each individual microchannel within the MCP can be turned on or off sequentially as fast as the electrical charge can permeate the circuit.

Stripline MCPs are made with image grade microchannel plates, using the patented MountingPad™ technology to minimize warping and cracking while allowing trapped plasma gasses to vent, eliminating noise. Pitch, pore, and bias angle can be specified.

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Stripline Microchannel Plate

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