ScintiFast™ Technology

ScintiFast™ is El-Mul’s flagship scintillator technology enabling the next generation of detectors with shorter response time and higher sensitivity. Recently released, ScintiFast™ has the highest available photon yield for the nanosecond scintillator category.

The ScintiFast™ manufacturing process has the flexibility needed to optimize the balance between response time and efficiency for each application. It is therefore the scintillator of choice for detectors in SEM-based tools for the semiconductor market as well as in Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry instruments.

Specifically for the semiconductor e-beam tool market, El-Mul has combined ScintiFast™ with a fast light sensor and specially developed electronics to achieve a detection system operating at 1nsec/pixel scanning rate.

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ScintiFast™ Technology

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ScintiFast™ pulse shape measured with HPD. FWHM <0.7ns, including HPD.

Scintifast Graph