P43 (green phosphor) or P45 (white phosphor)

The phosphor screen of the IIT converts the electron avalanche from the microchannel plate back into photons, resulting in the green image that has become the signature view in night vision technology.


Photonis was the 1st manufacturer in the world to develop and sell white phosphor Image Intensifier Tubes (IIT)

White phosphor, or P45, provides excellent recognition and has similar decay time properties as the P43 (green) phosphor. In night vision, white phosphor IIT comes from the aviation and special operations world. While there are no « lab » performance differences between P43 & P45, the choice of phosphor remains an operator’s preference.



During trials of soldiers performance under green and white phosphor night vision, no combat effectiveness difference was found. That’s why phosphor color is often a personal preference, the most important criteria being for the operator to have as less eye fatigue as possible.

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P43 (green phosphor) or P45 (white phosphor)

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