Opal™ Segmented STEM Detector

Opal™ Segmented STEM Detector

In a drive to meet our customers’ needs, El-Mul developed a detection solution for Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopes (STEM) which can support multiple applications such as DPC, cryo tomography, imaging of strain, charge, light elements or Z-contrast.

The Opal detector has a solid-state sensor with up to 16 segments. By maximizing design flexibility, the Opal detector allows the user to define the geometry that is most suitable for their purposes and applications. The number and radii of rings, the azimuthal division and the presence of a central hole or a bright field segment may all be designed according to user’s requirements.

With in-vacuum pre-amplifiers which ensure low-noise performance, the detector’s analog output signal can be connected to any digitizer. Single electrons can be detected in the outer-most, largest segments.

The Opal detector can be installed in new STEM instruments as well as a retrofit in older systems.

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Opal™ Segmented STEM Detector

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