Microwave Power Modules

Microwave Power Modules

Photonis Defense's compact and integrated Microwave Power Modules use vacuum technology and solid-state components to amplify radio frequency signals to high power levels for military and commercial applications. These modules have a low SWaP design, meet spectral and bandwidth requirements, and can be utilized for electronic countermeasures, SatCom data links, laboratory environments, research applications, and radar systems.  Contact us for custom solutions or explore our Linearized Microwave Power Modules.

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Designed to meet the requirements of many modern microwave systems
Ideally suited for airborne applications
Custom and standard options available
SWaP Optimized designs
Combines vacuum tube and solid-state technology

Microwave Power Modules

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Technical information

Part NumberFrequency Band (GHz)Rated Power (dBm)Gain @ Rated Power (dB)Prime PowerCurrent DrawCooling Method
9107A2.0 - 6.047 to 505028 VDC15 maxSelf-Contained Forced Air
9107B2.0 - 6.0447 to 505028 VDC15 maxConduction
9106A6.0 - 18.047.5 to 505028 VDC15 maxSelf-Contained Forced Air
9106B6.0 - 18.047.5 to 505028 VDC15 maxConduction
91137.9 - 8.45052270 VDC1.65Conduction
91167.9 - 8.4495228 VDC1.5Conduction
90979.75 - 9.95
15.15 - 15.35
47 min5228 VDC10Conduction
910114.4 - 14.8347 min5228 VDC10Conduction


Photonis Defense leverages their expertise in vacuum technology along with modern solid-state components to construct compact, integrated Microwave Power Modules. These modules amplify radio frequency signals to high power levels for both military and commercial applications. Each module consists of a high gain solid-state driver (MMIC) paired with a multi-collector traveling wave tube, and their associated power supplies, resulting in a powerful yet lightweight amplifier.

Photonis Defense's Microwave Power Modules meet the spectral, bandwidth, and power requirements of numerous modern microwave systems used in radar systems, Satcom data links, and electronic countermeasures. Additionally, these systems are ideal for airborne applications where volume, weight, and prime power are at a premium. For research purposes, these modules can be utilized as compact laboratory amplifiers.

By utilizing a high-efficiency miniature traveling wave tube, Photonis Defense's microwave power modules are recognized for their low noise amplification and low SWaP design.

The technical chart below provides details on some of Photonis Defense's standard Microwave Power Module units. If a specific requirement is needed, contact us and our team will collaborate with you to develop a personalized solution. Additionally, Photonis Defense offers Linearized Microwave Power Modules.

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