Dione S 1024

Dione S 1024 CAM series

The Dione S 1024 CAM series is based upon the Dione 1024 OEM thermal imaging core with 1024×768 pixels and 12 μm pixel pitch. The NETD is less than 40 mK (available upon request) or 50 mK. The maximum frame rate is 80 Hz. Dione S 1024 CAM is a LWIR uncooled thermal imaging SWaP module with housing supporting M34/M45 lens (optional). Dione S 1024 CAM series benefit from Xenics image enhancement for advanced image processing while keeping power consumption low. Moreover, GenICam compliance and the availability of multiple lenses provide a high level of tunability for optimal integration into many systems. The compact Dione S 1024 CAM series find applications in safety and security, transportation and industrial process monitoring.

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State-of-the-art detector with 12 µm pitch
Industry leading SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) module
Uncooled with mechanical shutter

Dione S 1024 CAM series

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Mechanical specificationsDione S 1024 CAM 40 mKDione S 1024 CAM 50 mK
Approximate dimensions - excluding lens [width x height x length] [mm]60 x 55 x 39 or 65 x 62 x 4060 x 55 x 39 or 65 x 62 x 40
Weight [gr] - excluding lens188 or 190188 or 190
Optical interface (optional)M34x0.5 or M45x0.75M34x0.5 or M45x0.75
Connector general I/OSAMTEC ST5-30-1.50-L-D-P-TRSAMTEC ST5-30-1.50-L-D-P-TR


Environmental & Power specificationsDione S 1024 CAM 40 mKDione S 1024 CAM 50 mK
Ambient operating temperature range [°C]From -40 to +70From -40 to +70
Storage temperature [°C]From -40 to +85From -40 to +85
Average power consumption2.3 W (at 60 Hz)2.3 W (at 60 Hz)
Power supply voltageDC 5 VDC 5 V
Shock40 g, 11 ms, MIL-STD810G40 g, 11 ms, MIL-STD810G
Vibration5 g [20 to 2000 Hz], MIL-STD810G5 g [20 to 2000 Hz], MIL-STD810G
Regulatory complianceRoHSRoHS


Electro-optical specifications Dione S 1024 CAM 40 mKDione S 1024 CAM 50 mK
Image format [pixels]1024 x 7681024 x 768
Pixel pitch [µm]1212
Detector typeMicrobolometerMicrobolometer
Integration typeRolling shutterRolling shutter
Active area and diagonal [mm]12.29 x 9.432 [15.49 diagonal]12.29 x 9.432 [15.49 diagonal]
Detector NETD [Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference] [mK]<40 [at 30 Hz, 300K, F/1], available upon request<50 [at 30 Hz, 300K, F/1]
Spectral range [µm]8-148-14
Pixel operability>99.5%>99.5%
Max frame rate [full frame] [Hz]8080
Integration time range [µs]20 - 6520 - 65
Analog-to-Digital [ADC] [bits]1414
Command and controlSAMTEC ST5 connectorSAMTEC ST5 connector
Digital output format16bit DV16bit DV
TriggerSAMTEC ST5 connectorSAMTEC ST5 connector