Dione 1024

Dione 1024 OEM series

The Dione 1024 OEM series is based on an uncooled microbolometer detector with a 1024x768 pixel resolution and 12 μm pitch. The detector NETD is less than 40 mK (available upon request) or 50 mK. The maximum frame rate is 80 Hz. All Dione 1024 versions benefit from Xenics image enhancement for advanced image processing while keeping power consumption low. Moreover, GenICam compliance and availability of multiple lenses adds flexibility for integration programs in the target markets like safety and security, transportation and industrial process monitoring.

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State-of-the-art detector with 12 μm pixel pitch
Industry leading SWaP (Size, Weight and Power)
Frame rates up to 80 Hz

Dione 1024 OEM series

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Mechanical specificationsDione 1024 OEM 40 mKDione 1024 OEM 50 mK
Approximate dimensions - excluding lens [width x height x length] [mm]35 x 35 x 21.535 x 35 x 21.5
Weight [gr] - excluding lens2525
Connector general I/OSAMTEC ST5-30-1.50-L-D-P-TRSAMTEC ST5-30-1.50-L-D-P-TR


Environmental & Power specificationsDione 1024 OEM 40 mKDione 1024 OEM 50 mK
Ambient operating temperature range [°C]From -40 to +70From -40 to +70
Storage temperature [°C]From -40 to +85From -40 to +85
Average power consumption1.9 W (at 30 Hz) & 2.1 W (at 60 Hz)1.9 W (at 30 Hz) & 2.1 W (at 60 Hz)
Power supply voltageDC 5 VDC 5 V
Shock40 g, 11 ms, MIL-STD810G40 g, 11 ms, MIL-STD810G
Vibration5 g [20 to 2000 Hz], MIL-STD810G5 g [20 to 2000 Hz], MIL-STD810G
Regulatory complianceRoHSRoHS


Electro-optical specificationsDione 1024 OEM 40 mKDione 1024 OEM 50 mK
Image format [pixels]1024 x 7681024 x 768
Pixel pitch [µm]1212
Integration typeRolling shutterRolling shutter
Active area and diagonal [mm]12.29 x 9.432 [15.49 diagonal]12.29 x 9.432 [15.49 diagonal]
Detector NETD [Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference] [mK]<40 [at 30 Hz, 300K, F/1], available upon request<50 [at 30 Hz, 300K, F/1]
Spectral range [µm] 8 - 14  8 - 14
Pixel operability>99.5%>99.5%
Max frame rate [full frame] [Hz]8080
Integration time range [µs]20 - 6520 - 65
Analog-to-Digital [ADC] [bits]1616
Command and controlSAMTEC ST5 connectorSAMTEC ST5 connector
Digital output format16 bit DV (standard), MIPI CSI-2 (optional)16 bit DV (standard), MIPI CSI-2 (optional)
TriggerSAMTEC ST5 connectorSAMTEC ST5 connector