Advanced Performance Detectors

Photonis Advanced Performance Detectors (APDs) are MCP-based, complete detector assemblies that can be used in a wide variety of applications to detect charged particles and electromagnetic radiation. 

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High speed
High performance
Bakeable to 300°C
High gain - low noise

Advanced Performance Detectors

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Photonis Advanced Performance Detectors (APDs) satisfy applications ranging from mass spectrometry to UV and X-ray astronomy. Most of these detector assemblies are designed for use in ultra-high vacuum systems and the 300°C temperatures reached during chamber cleaning, therefore saving time that would otherwise be required to remove the detector.

At the core of every Advanced Performance Detector (APD) are Photonis' LongLife™ or MountingPad™ Microchannel Plates (MCPs), which provide the highest level of sensitivity available to the market. Custom APDs can feature MCPs from 4 to 120mm plates, in a wide range of shapes, sizes or geometries. 

OEM Product

Whether you need a large vacuum-flange assembly for your research, or a miniature plug-and-play detector assembly for a portable mass spectrometer, Photonis can fulfill your requirements to be sure you get the high quality detection, longevity, and sensitivity you've come to expect from Photonis.

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Photonis' market-leading ion detection technology




Photonis' market-leading ion detection technology