Two Winners announced for PHOTONIS’ DSEI “Safe Bet” campaign

Always a safe bet with 4G Night Vision

During the Defence and Security Equipment International 2015 exhibition, PHOTONIS launched a promotional campaign to “Place a safe bet – Choose 4G Night Vision”.  
Two prize winning roulette chip numbers were drawn and announced on Friday 18th September at two o’clock during the exhibition on the PHOTONIS booth.

The two prize numbers drawn were: 2015487 and 2015364. Both winners receive latest Apple innovation: the Apple Watch.

PHOTONIS' participation at DSEI offered visitors to the booth a live product demonstration and the chance to win two exclusive Apple iWatches, valued at € 1170,00.

To enter the draw, visitors were invited to a demonstration or visit to the booth to collect a personal 4G Roulette Chip to place in the Prize Draw.

PHOTONIS has a long history of developing the worlds' best night vision technology. At DSEI we were set to show our latest innovation, including the new 16mm INTENS 4G Image Intensifier Tube, and our new extreme low light - day to night - digital CMOS sensors.


PHOTONIS congratulates the prize winners!!!
The prizes will be sent to the winners this week.