Revolutionary ion detection solutions for mass spectrometry instruments

Exosens to unveil revolutionary ion detection solutions for mass spectrometry instruments based on Photonis and El-Mul technologies


STURBRIDGE, MA – USA – MAY 30th 2024

Exosens is thrilled to announce its participation at the 72nd Annual American Society for Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics Conference. The highly anticipated conference will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA from June 2 to June 6, 2024. Exosens, as the market leader in ion and electron detection technologies, with one of its leading brands, Photonis, will present cutting-edge advancements in Time of Flight and Quadrupole detection technologies at booth #306 during the conference.

Attendees at the ASMS Conference will have the opportunity to meet with the combined Photonis and El-Mul team of technical experts and gain insight into the company’s revolutionary MS detection technology that is set to redefine the landscape of Mass Spectrometry with its unparalleled performance levels. 

“We are excited to showcase our latest advancements in Time of Flight and Quadrupole detection technology at this year’s ASMS Conference. Our APTOF, BPTOF, and MTOF detector platforms, along with the revolutionary Scintitron™ Quadrupole detection series, represent unprecedented levels of performance. We are confident that these innovations, which were made possible by combining the unique Photonis and El-Mul technologies, will enable new possibilities and applications for Mass Spectrometry instruments. We are very proud to be part of the ASMS community and to contribute to advancing science and quality of life.” stated Ulrich Laupper, President and Executive General Manager of the Exosens Ultimate Detection Business Unit.

A significant highlight of Photonis’ showcase will be the introduction of the APTOF A300 and the BPTOF B380 detectors. Noteworthy is the option to utilize Photonis’ unique Ultimate Series Microchannel Plates (MCPs) in these detectors. These Ultimate Series Microchannel Plates were developed to improve gain and extend lifetime compared to traditional MCPs.

The APTOF A300, designed as a compact and capacitively-coupled detector for small footprint and benchtop TOF systems, features integral high-voltage isolation, safeguarding the digitizer and providing substantial cost savings to MS Instrument manufacturers.

Additionally, Photonis will introduce the patented BPTOF B380, an optically coupled bipolar TOF detector utilizing ScintiFast™ technology, that promises unprecedented pulse speed and lifetime benefits, raising the bar in TOF detection capabilities and performance. A poster will be presented Wednesday, June 5th - WP 456.

In a commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation, Photonis will also launch their newest advancement of Quadrupole detection with the Scintitron™ platform. This state-of-the-art technology utilizes durable building blocks to deliver a winning combination of gain stability, lifetime, and dynamic range, offering a transformative impact on mass spectrometry analysis.

Exosens invites all attendees to visit booth #306 at the ASMS Conference to learn more about the company’s groundbreaking Time of Flight and Quadrupole detection technologies. The team will be on hand to answer questions and discuss potential collaborations with interested parties.

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