Portable Thermal Imagers with Xenics OEM cores

Reconnaissance robots are omnipresent in today’s military operations.

Sensitive areas such as borders require more than ever heightened perimeter security. They are increasingly subject of illegal immigration, unwanted intrusion and other organised crime. A portable infrared imaging system, based on the XenicsCores, is an efficient solution for rapid surveillance operation under the most unfavourable environmental conditions.

Xenics can make the difference

The XenicsCores is a series of durable infrared OEM modules that are capable to offer increased situational awareness with active and passive day/night vision. Our advanced short-wave infrared (SWIR) modules can see through fog, haze, smoke and identify humans or objects during night and day, whereas thermal imaging modules can detect at very long distance and at pitch dark.

To shorten and simplify the demanding design of surveillance systems, the XenicsCores are built on a modular platform. System designers can pick and choose from a broad variety of compatible specifications and functionalities according to their application.

Portable thermal imagers for security & safety market

Audio-Video Trend (AVT) is a company that develops solutions and products on user request.

One example has been the development of the DRAGON ATS, a stationary and mobile night vision system for border control, which was initiated by the Croatian Ministry of Internal Affairs. Since a part of Croatia is situated at the external frontier of the European Union, they have greater responsibility for more thorough border control.

Dragon HR


Figure 1: Dragon HR

“As an agile and innovative company, AVT looked for a partner with whom we could realize the project. Xenics agreed to be our partner in this project. Besides high quality detectors, Xenics also has extremely fast technical support. The answers to our questions sometimes arrived within an hour, which helped us with the development of this project. It was a challenge to produce a mobile system for border control in less than 6 months”, said CEO of AVT Ivica Mijić, “but with Xenics as a partner we could apply for this project.”

Remote system

Figure 2: Remote system