PHOTONIS Visits Jupiter on Juno Spacecraft

The recent arrival of the Juno Spacecraft into Jupiter's orbit also means PHOTONIS is there! Scientists believe Jupiter is the first planet to form in our solar system and therefore most likely to aid in understanding of how it was formed. The Juno spacecraft is tasked with exploring the composition of Jupiter, as well as to study it's atmosphere.

PHOTONIS has supplied a number of components on the Juno mission, most notably to the Jovian Auroral Distributions Experiment (JADE), which features multiple microchannel plates (MCPs) configured in a Z-stack for optimum resolution. JADE is designed to study the auroras present on Jupiter, in conjunction with two other instruments on board, the JEDI and UVS.  When combined, these three instruments will provide a composition of the ions, electrons and ultraviolet emissions that are present in Jupiter's aurora. PHOTONIS has supplied MCPs to both the Ion (JADE-I) and Electron (JADE-E) sensors installed on Juno, continuing its long-standing history of supporting space exploration with superior detector technologies.

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