PHOTONIS Technologies will be introducing to the Australian defence marketplace their award  winning1 CNOD – a digital day to night weapon sight/ handheld observation device, during Land Forces Australia, held from 6-8 September in Adelaide.

The CNOD (CMOS Night Observation Device) is a high definition sight that enables its operator to see in both bright sun (day) and low light (night), with high contrast and high resolution, in a single device. The CNOD is neither an image intensification system nor a thermal system; it is a digital system. It can be deployed in three ways: as a hand held monocular, as a clip-on, in-line weapon sight for use with your day scope or as a stand-alone weapon sight with reticule of choice. Currently there are no other digital, image intensified night vision or thermal sights on the market that can perform all of these functions.

The integrated, high performance night observation device is proof of RPO’s optical components and assembly capability for its customers. PHOTONIS partnered with Rochester Precision Optics (RPO) to develop the system. RPO has a proven track record in defence and security, providing the optical components for some of the military’s most advanced night vision systems, due to their expertise in lightweight and high volume production of precision optical systems. PHOTONIS is the provider of the CMOS technology for the system. 

The CNOD is a multi-function imaging system that allows operators to see in bright light, through urban and background light and into the night. This single, easy-to-use system offers visible and IR wavelengths from 500 to1080 nm, with digital electronic 6x zoom, still and video image capture. Users benefit from the system’s high performance, high resolution and versatility. The advanced design helps to preserve natural night vision for ground operations and allows for hand-held or weapon-mounted use.  The CNOD can be seen at PHOTONIS’ stand 4A13 during Land Forces Australia held from 5-8 September 2016 in Adelaide.

1 The CNOD system was awarded the CIGAT Prix d’Export during Eurosatory in Paris earlier this year. Since its launch in 2015 the CNOD has successfully been sold to the US Army.