Photonis Scientific in the fight against Covid-19

Sturbridge, MA (USA) - Photonis Scientific continues to provide enabling technology to its customers in their fight against Covid-19 

Photonis Scientific located in Sturbridge, Massachusetts is proud to support our analytical instrument customers in the battle against Covid-19. Our U.S. based factory is a leading producer of enabling technology detectors and sensors used in all manner of mass spectrometer and Ion mobility instruments. These high sensitivity analytical instruments provide critical compositional analysis of unknown materials. This analysis is used in such critical applications as personalized medicine, drug discovery, pharmaceutical manufacturing, disease diagnostics, environmental protection as well as food and water safety. Our business partners tell us their users are working to better understand this novel disease and develop better therapeutics and effective vaccines. 

Photonis Scientific was designated as a critical healthcare infrastructure company and has remained open during this challenging time by adapting safe work practices in the factory. Many of our team members have been working remotely from home. We even began to manufacture our own hand sanitizer when none was available for commercial purchase. 

Our team is dedicated to continuing to support equipment manufacturers and researchers in their search for answers to key questions which could lead to a vaccine and better treatment protocols. 

Bruce Laprade

President, Photonis Scientific