Photonis Presents FusionSight at Land Forces Australia

FusionSight® - World-first Digital Smart Fusion Night Vision at Land Forces Australia

Photonis will be showcasing its new FusionSight® Night Vision Device during Land Forces 2016, held from September 6 to 8 in Adelaide, Australia.
Developed in partnership with BERTIN, FusionSight® is the world- first compact monocular that combines a colour low light sensor with a thermal image sensor. When combined these sensors enhance situational awareness and provide users with the option of using a thermal image, colour optical image or a fused thermal and full colour image, that can also be recorded.

FusionSight® is the industry’s first hand held device that features smart colour fusion of images. The first image is recorded by a state-of-the-art colour imaging sensor that provides a colour image in extreme low light conditions (~10 mlx) without additional illumination. The second image is recorded by a high-resolution thermal imaging sensor that can detect in any night condition (down to 1 mlx). The embedded real-time image processor automatically selects key information from each sensor, allowing users to see at dark night even better than in broad daylight, and can record and be saved as a digital file. The smart digital fusion also overcomes the traditional limitations of each individual sensor: FusionSight® can detect through smoke, other obscurants and in deep night conditions with a thermal sensor, while providing an optical colour image that can detect through windows with sufficient resolution to allow positive identification thanks to the colour imaging sensor.

FusionSight®’s assets include: 
• All-in-one with 3 viewing modes: colour low light, thermal and smart fusion
• Night & day threat & camouflage detection (ranging up to 3 km)
• Ergonomic design inspired by user’s needs
• Image recording & HD video output for proof collection

For the FusionSight®, the award winning Kameleon Colour Image Sensor is used. The sensor uses a Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) similar to mobile phones, which in itself, cannot distinguish colours. To identify colour, a patented innovation allows two raw images and a reconstruction algorithm to reproduce the final image in colour, in real time.

The FusionSight® can be seen at PHOTONIS’ stand 4A13.