Photonis Patented Resistive Glass Reflectron Lens Process

Photonis USA Awarded Patent for Resistive Glass Reflectron Lens Process

Sturbridge, MA - Photonis USA, we have been awarded a patent for the manufacture of resistive glass tubes with non-linear gradient electrical resistance changes. The patented process can be used to create a solid-piece reflectron lens for use in reflectron-type time of flight mass spectrometers.

Reflectron lenses are used in Time-of-Flight (TOF) mass spectrometers to create an electrostatic field to alter ion flow, providing for a longer flight path and therefore greater resolution. Current reflectron-type TOF-MS instruments use complex multi-piece stacked ring assemblies which carry timeconsuming assembly and cleaning processes. They also require the use of a voltage divider in each layer to reverse ion direction.

A reflectrion lens made with resistive glass provides a solid assembly replacement for a stacked ring assembly yet provides the same ability to alter ion flow, becoming a form-fit-function replacement for the multi-piece stacked ring assemblies. Additionally, the solid resistive glass piece provides for simpler cleaning and replacement.

Resistive glass is manufactured in a patented process that creates an electric field to guide or direct charged particles. It consists of alkali-doped lead silicate glass that has been reduced to make the surface a semiconductor. A previous patent was awarded which encompassed a uniform electric field; the latest patent documents that varied, non-linear electric fields can also be manufactured. The patent is the latest of many awarded to Photonis for its innovation and development of improving mass spectrometer detection sensitivity and ion flow.

Photonis is a multinational high-technology group, with more than 40 years experience in manufacture, sales and innovation, specializing in photo sensor technology. The Group operates Internationally in the Night Vision, Industrial, Scientific and Medical Imaging markets. Photonis USA designs and manufactures a wide range of custom and standard components and assemblies for mass spectroscopy as well as other medical, bio-medical and scientific instruments and holds several patents in these fields.