Photonis Introduces Nocturn HD-SDI Camera

A new camera in our family of award-winning digital day/night cameras, designed to replace your CCTV cameras with 720p digital resolution, while adding low-light imaging capability.
The Nocturn camera technology uniquely provides high resolution images under full daylight and low light conditions without the need for secondary technology such as IR lighting or thermal/IR camera. The Nocturn HD-SDI model is ideal to upgrade existing CCTV cameras or for use in persistent surveillance imaging, providing additional low light images in either monochrome or colour.
Its compact size easily fits inside most existing weatherproof housings and is an easy coax swap from existing day-only analogue cameras. The Nocturn HD-SDI camera offers 720p/60Hz resolution with day and night imaging, with simple plug-and-record connectivity. 

Choice of Options
Nocturn HD-SDI cameras can be ordered as a stand-alone camera, or as part of a complete IPTV kit. The IPTV kit includes a choice of lenses and an H.264 IP video encoder that provides compatibility with most RTSP and ONVIF compliant video software used in CCTV monitoring or drop-camera applications. A single IPTV kit also allows connectivity for single-camera recording for evidence collection under daytime or night-time surveillance conditions. 
About Nocturn Technology

Photonis Nocturn camera cores are equipped with our proprietary patented digital CMOS imaging sensors – the Lynx sensor for monochrome output or the Kameleon sensor for full colour, or with our EBCMOS for extreme low light. The CMOS pixel architecture brings you award-winning technology, offering the best compromise between inherent signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), high resolution and intra-scene dynamic range. The Lynx and the Kameleon CMOS sensors provide less than 4e- read noise without cooling, and are engineered into electronic video boards for integration into a wide range of compact imaging systems for ideal detection recognition and identification that can be transmitted or recorded.
Since its launch, Nocturn cameras have successfully been used in hand held observation devices, surveillance systems, digital sights, vehicle situational awareness devices, and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) cameras.

Other Nocturn Models: 

XS Camera CoreElectronic video board core for custom integration for system imaging and control with SXGA resolution
MD Camera CoreElectronic video board core with included OLED microdisplay for near-to-eye imaging applications such as hand held video recorders or weapon sights with SXGA resolution
XL AnalogueProvides NTSC, PAL or CameraLink® connectivity with SXGA resolution
GP Ethernet CameraProvides Gigabit Ethernet connectivity with GigE Vision® compliance at SXGA resolution
U3 USB3 CameraProvides USB3 connectivity with USB3 Vision® connectivity at SXGA resolution

Most cameras are available with your choice of Lynx monochrome or Kameleon colour technology, specified at the time of order.

Watch our videos:

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