Photonis Introduces MCP-PMT for Lidar Applications

Photonis introduces a new high performance Micro-Channel Plate Photomultiplier Tube (MCP-PMT) optimized for LIDAR applications requiring fast timing and high dynamic range. The new Photonis MCP-PMTs enable detection from single photon to few Ghz in photon burst mode and few 100 MHz in continuous illumination thanks to the high linearity properties. Along with the extremely low dark rate, the new detector is capable of 8 orders of magnitude dynamic range. These unrivalled timing properties, combined with a long lifetime and a high collection efficiency, make these MCP-PMTs an excellent choice for many demanding applications whether it is used in space or in the lab.
Customized MCP-PMTs
MCP-PMTs from Photonis can be customized to achieve the best analyses results. Photonis can expertly advise on the variety of options available in order to make the best choice. When customizing the MCP-PMT one of the Photonis Hi-QE photocathodes can be choosen for the best spectral sensitivity for the application or a narrow band photocatode for the best match to the laser wavelength. A MCP chevron configuration  will guarantee single photon counting capability, extremely high dynamic range and long lifetime. For a near 100% collection efficiency, Photonis offers the new Hi-CE MCPs. There is also a gating option available for applications where background light needs to be suppressed as much as possible. A resistive bleeder chain is integrated in the MCP-PMT housing, enabling the device to operate from a single high voltage supply.
About Photonis Technologies
Photonis is a global manufacturer of solutions used in the detection of ions, electrons, photons, radiation and the amplification of RF energy. In addition, Photonis works with the world’s leading manufacturers and research facilities to provide faster, more accurate detectors to broaden our understanding of our health, our environment, and our universe. With over 80 years of experience of partnering with our customers to provide the world’s leading detection systems, Photonis has the experience to meet the specific challenges of the many markets we serve