Photonis France environmental approach and commitments


PHOTONIS France SAS, aware of the environmental issues addressed to responsible industrial companies, has been fully committed for several years now to the certification ISO14001 (environmental certification).
Our main commitments to back up our impact reduction and the environment protection, both at the present time and for future generations, are the following:

  • make use of resources and energies in a sustainable and efficient manner
  • optimize those of our processes that generate environmental pollution
  • reduce and sort out waste, use waste recycling channels
  • sensitize our collaborators and any service providers on our site to the good behaviours and environmental  issues
  • share our requirements and our involvement with our partners (suppliers, sub-contractors, customers).

PHOTONIS France SAS undertakes to allocate all the resources needed to accomplish these goals, to communicate towards its collaborators but also its partners, as well as to check the efficiency of these commitments by means of the environmental management system.
The executive team together with all the managers are the main leaders of this environmental approach. They undertake to spread out this policy into objectives within their teams, activities and processes and to demonstrate the efficiency of their corresponding actions.
As an interested party and in the frame of our product life cycle, you also have an important role to play in the improvement of the environmental performance.
That’s why, in our present and future relationship, beyond the primary purpose of our collaboration, we will pay a particular attention to your environmental actions and will make sure that the following requirements are honoured:

  • implement the waste sorting and the use of waste recycling channels
  • use retention bins to store products posing a pollution risk for the soils (used oils, maintenance grease, chemicals)
  • respect the applicable legislations and if need be make available your operating authorizations.

Furthermore, we will pay attention to any other action aiming at the environmental compliance you could carry out (packaging optimisation, reduction of energy consumption…), while meeting the specifications and the compliance of the services and products provided to us.
We rely on your active collaboration and shall make sure, during our possible visits and audits, that these requirements are honoured.
Grégory FLIPO