Photonis awarded a new contract for the British Army

Photonis awarded a new major contract for 16mm I² based binocular for the British Army

Photonis has been selected by DSTL (UK MOD Procurement) as supplier of 4G 16mm black & white image intensifier tubes - the latest state-of-the-art technology in night vision - for the acquisition of several thousand image intensifiers (with options) of night vision binoculars designed and manufactured by INSTRO-UK/ELSEC- Israel.

The international competition for the NVG-E tender in the UK took place 2020 and comprised 7 renowned companies from the UK, the EU, Israel and the USA. After a long and thorough review process that included performance tests like DRI, the best global offer was attributed to INSTRO/ELSEC, offering its XACT33 binocular fitted with Photonis 16mm 4G image intensifier tubes, already supplied to the German and Luxembourg armies. It was a tough competition and we are extremely proud that a solution using our products is (again) selected by DSTL.

The word “again” is here intentionally used as Photonis has been a long term supplier of the UK MoD. Indeed, Photonis provides since 2017 its 4G image intensifiers to various users of the UK Armed Forces, notably for LF binoculars, avionics goggles and fused weapon sight.


As part of the NVG-E contract awarded to INSTRO/ELSEC, Photonis shall manufacture the 4G 16mm image intensifier tubes that will be deployed in approximately many thousands of binocular goggles, offering one of the lowest weight on the market, thus reducing neck pain and fatigue and more comfort for users while having the latest night vision performance available.

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