Photonis adds high resolution 2 and 4Mpx EBCMOS to its portfolio

BORDEAUX JUNE 12 ‐ With the 2 and 4 MPX EBCMOS sensor added to its portfolio, the world leading night vision expert Photonis shows again its innovative strength. During the press conference of Photonis with the title “ When night becomes digital” at Eurosatory, CTO Mr. Deltel explained a continuous innovative strength and future vision to meet increasing digital vision demands in the domain of defence, security and surveillance.


NOCTURN camera
More and more applications in defence, security and surveillance have become digital. With the day‐throught-night NOCTURN camera Photonis highly contributes in this digitization process. Since the introduction, NOCTURN camera cores have successfully been integrated in hand‐held observation devices, digital (weapon‐) sights, vehicle situational awareness devices, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) cameras and more. To stay ahead of the competition in this digitization process Photonis remains innovative with its NOCTURN camera cores and digital sensors.


EBCMOS sensor
Demand for CMOS technology has increased since consumers are asking for more pixels in color in smaller platforms (mobile phones). Genuine night vision performance requires dedicated technologies. Imaging in low light levels can be achieved using dedicated low light level CMOS technology (like the patented Lynx monochrome and color sensor technologies). Imaging at extreme low light levels for most demanding applications require intensified digital solutions. “The highest performance sensor in image quality and sensitivity down to single photons is the EBCMOS sensor. This is an image intensifier where the MCP and
phosphor screen are replaced by a special CMOS imager” says Mr. Deltel.


A few years ago Photonis introduced its first 1.3Mpx EBCMOS sensor complementary to the LYNX CMOS monochrome and color sensor. This edition of Eurosatory Photonis shows its latest development: the 2Mpx and 4Mpx EBCMOS sensors. “The big advantage of these sensors is besides global shutter technology a higher resolution, therefore a far sharper image that results in more details at night” says Mr. Deltel. It will undoubtedly open new possibilities for the forces by increasing drastically the possibilities for integrators to create the most advanced military systems and equipments.