Optimize Detection Efficiency with Photonis at Photonics West

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For over 80 years Photonis has been providing our customers with specialized detectors, sensors, and systems to optimize their output.

Our Digital Vision business unit manufactures award-winning low light cameras and sensors for a variety of applications including medical imaging, scientific discovery, and color night surveillance, just to name a few.
Our Scientific Detectors team has the expertise and experience of working in the photonics industry for years and can recommend the right detector for your needs – whether you are looking for an MCP-based product or need a detector for Neutron and Gamma detection. Photonis’ diverse line of products are all able to be completely customized for your application.
New for 2018

Neutron Imager: This innovative new technology from Photonis uses neutrons to provide high resolution images of objects that may be impenetrable otherwise. This fully integrated detector comes equipped with a 100 x 100 mm2 microchannel plate, complete vacuum system, and high voltage power supply. Additionally, you have the ability to specify which camera you would like to use in the system. Learn more
Cricket Image Intensifier Adapter: Photonis’ Cricket adapter is a plug-and-play image intensifier which allows you to capture images across a broad spectral range from 200 to 900nm. It is easily able to be installed using a universal C-mount interface. The Cricket offers a variety of customization options to optimize performance, including your choice of photocathode, MCP, phosphor screen, power supply, and shutter. Learn more

Learn about these along with our other innovative offerings in booth 5247 at Photonics West.