New enhanced fusion camera cores platform

Photonis releases enhanced fusion camera cores platform for handheld equipment and vehicles

Photonis is proud to introduce HYBRID, the most optimized fusion core platform, combining two channels in a small form-factor, to provide accurate information to the end-user. HYBRID takes benefit of Photonis imaging systems expertise covering the spectrum from UV to LWIR.

As conflict situations evolve, the demand for situational awareness is growing.  Thanks to its patented zero latency technology, HYBRID technology is the appropriate solution for new Electro/Optical systems mounted on armoured vehicles. For example, the combination between low light CMOS sensor technology and a thermal imaging camera is designed to enhance driver’s awareness while improving Detection, Recognition and Identification in harsh environments. HYBRID is a smart imaging solution offering flexibility in the choice of sensors (low light, intensified, SWIR or LWIR), easy integration and competitively priced to meet customer requirements.

"By promoting fused imaging systems, Photonis is leveraging its expertise to bringing extra-value to our customers. HYBRID technology will contribute to improve imaging understanding and provide much useful outputs to military forces” comments Geoffroy Deltel, Executive VP Digital Vision Business Unit

Photonis HYBRID the fusion camera cores platform for handheld equipment and vehicles

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